Introduction: Jane Austen's Three Sisters

The data used in this booklet has been accumulated by James (Jimmie) V. DeFord, Jr. The data was then put into the computer program "Personal Ancestral File Release 3.0", printed from this file to a word processing file, and manipulated to the final product.

The booklet is divided into three sections:

1. Descendants Charts.
The Descendants Charts will reference those individuals, who are parents, to a numbered Family.

2. Families with Individual Notes.
The Family sheet will list the name, birth date and place, marriage date and place, death date and place, and burial place of the parents; if known.
The same data will be given for the children, unless a marriage is known.
If a marriage is known, the spouses name and a Family Number will be given.

3. Index of all Individuals.
The Index of Individuals will list all individuals, alphabetically, and show the Family Number(s) where that person is a Parent or a Child.

If you wish to make corrections or have additional information included please send the data to:

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This data may be used to assist you in preperation of your genealogical history and work. The correctness of the data is not guranteed.

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